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Perdreau set-up

Monday evening we set off for the Event de Perdeau, a cave our team left ongoing at 30m depth in the second sump.

It was a remarkably easy carry this time up the river bed. Rich and I shifted gear through the boulder choke whilst listening to the delightful sound of "tap tap tapping" as Jarvist set to work putting some bolts in and he and Tim set up an elaborate but excellent cable car system for hauling larger cylinders.

Andras in the entrance

The plan is to have a set-up dive to make the airbell in between sumps more user friendly for big cylinders and for getting in and out of both sumps.

We made light work of it and all the gear - 4 divers worth of equipment - was assembled at the top of the pitch by 6pm.

Elaine negotiates the cable car system


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