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Just One More....

Rich Walker on Cathedral Pitch, Lost Johns cave, Yorkshire. Image: Christine Grosart

WetWellies are the only outfit in the UK to take high quality images on EVERY trip. This means that you get to keep your photos (and video on request) FREE of charge. We just clean them up a bit and send them to you in high resolution via Dropbox or a similar programme.

But how do we do it?

And why doesn't anyone else do it?

Well, we can't really answer the last question but we thought we would try and answer the 'how'.

Taking DSLRs underground can be an expensive affair if they get wet or broken. I use a sturdy pelicase style box which is allegedly rated to -30m. I try to avoid taking it underwater completely.

I use 3 or 4 Yongnuo flash guns with receivers attached which are fired by a trigger on the

camera's hot shoe. This can be a bit fiddly underground, but what it does do is fire all the guns off at once without any human input other than me.

Sometimes I'll ask you to hold some flashes but often I can just place them carefully around the cave passage.

I'm a Canon girl! (sorry Nikon fans) and I use an EOS 100D which is small, light and has easy controls.

I put the camera in a silicone 'jacket' which is about £15 on Amazon. This keeps some water splashes off the camera body but more importantly, keeps muddy fingers from making it dirty.

Photography is not a cheap hobby and underground photography is arguably dearer. You have to deal with flooded or broken gear, wear and tear or just general muckyness.

Then there are batteries. Re-chargeables are better and you need enough for all your flash guns and receivers and of course a lithium for the trigger. You need a decent, fast SD card. This one can handle video on a DSLR. I always shoot both RAW and jpeg so I can upload images quickly when required and still have detailed files for editing later.

If a 5 year old can do it...

Flashguns are sealed into zip lock bags to keep the worst of the drips and muddy fingers off. They won't save the gun from being submerged though so we try quite hard not to drop them in the water!

I always take a lens cloth, a hand rag and my little invention - a laser pointer! This helps me point out where to stand in the cave, where to point the flash guns etc without me having to leave my stance and risk dropping the camera.

Amy loving her trip with WetWellies.

It is a lot of equipment and practise but the results are so worth it!

Want a fantastic image of yourself and your family or friends underground?

Book your trip with us!

Don't forget to check out our Hall of Fame with fantastic images from our trips over the years.

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