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Beyond the Blue

Winner of the Global Underwater Explorers

Video Contest 2021

 It is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish.


This short film follows two women who dedicate their time to protecting their local coastline in the United Kingdom.

Narrated by National Seasearch coordinator Dr. Charlotte Bolton and trustee of Ghost Fishing UK, Christine Grosart (FRGS), the film explores a fresh, pragmatic approach to protecting our oceans whilst at the same time enabling access to those who enjoy and earn a living from them.

Showcasing the underwater beauty and diversity of the British Isles, the film focusses on divers not just looking but seeing - and reporting - what they find underwater.

“You can’t complain that something isn’t protected if you didn’t tell anybody it was there” 

Dr. Charlotte Bolton pulls no punches with her no-nonsense approach to conservation.

Director, editor, and main underwater videographer Christine Grosart says she is not happy to just ‘swim around’ when she goes diving - she feels the need to put her skills to use and do something ‘more’.

Footage includes divers: Gemma Thompson, Richard Walker, Fred Nunn, Jason Bramwell, Paul Duckworth, Joe Robinson, Tom Ball, Andy Rath, Martin Maple, Ian King, Colin Stratton, Christine Grosart.

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The Master Cave
Premiered at the Kendal Mountain Festival 2018

Directed by Christine Grosart, 2018


2019 audio-visual by Christine Grosart. Cave Diving in Mexico

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